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Itemized Rates & Services

▲ Introduction

Actual costs of any project depend on factors particular to the job, including efficiencies of large projects. Smaller jobs often reflect the total cost of their one or two components; larger jobs usually cost considerably less than the sum of their components.

Clients can always minimize costs (and production time) by following the tips and guidelines found on this site.

Itemized rates and services fall into eight categories:

  1. General Services
  2. Flyers, Posters, Ads
  3. Photos, Digital Art
  4. Technical Illustrations
  5. Stationery, Business Forms and Cards
  6. Newsletters, Pamphlets
  7. Books, Monographs
  8. Websites

▲ General Services

General Services
ID# Service Name Rate Unit
101File translation$25file
102File stripping/cleaning (text)$.003char
103File preparation$80hour
104Format/reformat files (text)$155file
105Extract usable text from PDF$125file
106Extract usable text$80hour
107Archive files <100 MB$25set
108Archive files 100 MB–1 GB$50set
109Archive files >1 GB$100set
121Preparation of digital files (simple)$70set
122Preparation of digital files (regular)$105set
123Preparation of digital files (complex)$175set
124Preparation of digital files (intricate)$280set
125PostScript/PDF files (press quality)$15file
126PostScript/PDF file, cover (press quality)$35file
127PostScript/PDF file, multiple$10file
128PDF file/proof/multiple$4file
129PDF from text doc (minimal)$15file
130PDF from client file$45file
131Direct printing$80hour
133Web access/posting$100job
135Reprint archived files (simple)$20file
136Reprint archived files (regular)$35file
137Reprint archived files (complex)$80hour
141Key edits, MSWord trk chgs$40hour
142Author/client revisions$80hour
143Editorial revisions$80hour
145Rescale/repurpose (simple)$10item
146Rescale/repurpose (regular)$15item
147Rescale/repurpose (complex)$25item
148Rescale/repurpose (intricate)$50item
151Font/character, custom$80hour
152Custom font$410job
153Remap font/characters$80hour
154Font/character customization$120job
156Barcode, set-up, generate$25set
161Page layout, 1 color$60page
162Page layout, 2 colors$85page
171Place graphic/object$15item
172Place new graphic$30item
181Proofing, hrly$80hour
182Proofread text$0.03word
183Edit text (language & usage)$0.06word
184Production/project editing$80hour
185Subcontracted services$.0job
186Quoted service$2,000job
187Administrative assistance$30hour
191Digital files, a (rights)$295job
192Digital files, b (rights)$585job
193Digital files, c (rights)$875job

▲ Flyers, Posters, Ads

Flyers, Posters, Ads
ID# Service Name Rate Unit
213Flyr/pstr/ad design, A, 1-color no illus$90side
214Flyr/pstr/ad design, B, 1-color, no illus$110side
215Flyr/pstr/ad design, C, 1-color, no illus$140side
216Flyr/pstr/ad design, D, 1-color, no illus$175side
217Flyr/pstr/ad design, E, 1-color, no illus$215side
223Flyr/pstr/ad design, A, 1-color, w/illus$110side
224Flyr/pstr/ad design, B, 1-color, w/illus$140side
225Flyr/pstr/ad design, C, 1-color, w/illus$175side
226Flyr/pstr/ad design, D, 1-color, w/illus$215side
227Flyr/pstr/ad design, E, 1-color, w/illus$270side
233Flyr/pstr/ad design, A, 2-color, no illus$110side
234Flyr/pstr/ad design, B, 2-color, no illus$140side
235Flyr/pstr/ad design, C, 2-color, no illus$175side
236Flyr/pstr/ad design, D, 2-color, no illus$215side
237Flyr/pstr/ad design, E, 2-color, no illus$270side
243Flyr/pstr/ad design, A, 2-color, w/illus$140side
244Flyr/pstr/ad design, B, 2-color, w/illus$175side
245Flyr/pstr/ad design, C, 2-color, w/illus$215side
246Flyr/pstr/ad design, D, 2-color, w/illus$270side
247Flyr/pstr/ad design, E, 2-color, w/illus$340side
253Flyr/pstr/ad design, A, full color, w/illus$140side
254Flyr/pstr/ad design, B, full color, w/illus$175side
255Flyr/pstr/ad design, C, full color, w/illus$215side
256Flyr/pstr/ad design, D, full color, w/illus$270side
257Flyr/pstr/ad design, E, full color, w/illus$340side
263Flyr/pstr/ad design, A, full color, w/illus$175side
264Flyr/pstr/ad design, B, full color, w/illus$215side
265Flyr/pstr/ad design, C, full color, w/illus$270side
266Flyr/pstr/ad design, D, full color, w/illus$340side
267Flyr/pstr/ad design, E, full color, w/illus$425side
281Flyr/pstr/ad production, 1-color, no illus$90job
282Flyr/pstr/ad production, 1-color, w/illus$150job
283Flyr/pstr/ad production, 2-color, no illus$120job
284Flyr/pstr/ad production, 2-color, w/illus$200job
285Flyr/pstr/ad production, full color, no illus$150job
286Flyr/pstr/ad production, full color, w/illus$250job

▲ Photos, Digital Art

Photos, Digital Art
ID# Service Name Rate Unit
301Photo, b/w, scan/scale/adjust$55item
302Photo, b/w, scan/scale/adjust/HiLoRes$60item
303Photo, b/w, scan/scale/clean$90item
304Photo, b/w, scan/scale/clean/HiLoRes$95item
305Photo, color, scan/scale/adjust$85item
306Photo, color, scan/scale/adjust/HiLoRes$90item
307Photo, color, scan/scale/clean$140item
308Photo, color, scan/scale/clean/HiLoRes$150item
309Raster file, b/w, prep for press$50item
310Raster file, prep for press$75item
311Line art, scan, scale$318page
312Line art, scan, scale, HiLoRes$55page
313Line art, scan, scale, clean$90page
314Line art, scan, scale, clean, HiLoRes$100page
316Retouch/rework line art (simple)$40page
317Retouch/rework line art (regular)$60page
318Retouch/rework line art (complex)$95page
319Retouch/rework line art (intricate)$150page
341Digital illustration, place$45item
342Digital illustration, rework$120item
343Digital illustration, original (a)$175item
344Digital illustration, original (b)$235item
345Digital illustration, original (c)$295item
346Digital illustration, original (d)$380item
351Map, simple, 1-color$295item
352Map, regular, 1-color$410item
353Map, complex, 1-color$585item
354Map, intricate, 1-color$935item
355Map, special, 1-color$175item
356Map, special/supra, 1-color$235item
361Map, simple, 2-color$320item
362Map, regular, 2-color$435item
363Map, complex, 2-color$610item
364Map, intricate, 2-color$960item
365Map, special, 2-color$200item
366Map, special/supra, 2-color$260item
371Map, simple, full color$335item
372Map, regular, full color$450item
373Map, complex, full color$625item
374Map, intricate, full color$975item
375Map, special, full color$215item
376Map, special/supra, full color$275item
381Logo (initial development)$525job
383Adapted illustration, regular$60item
384Adapted illustration, complex$90item
385Alter for print/style specs$100item
386Prep bulk asrtd illustrations (a)$15item
387Prep bulk asrtd illustrations (b)$20item
391Design, layout, setup$120item

▲ Technical Illustrations

Technical Illustrations
ID# Service Name Rate Unit
401Technical illustration, simple$45item
402Technical illustration, regular$60item
403Technical illustration, complex$85item
404Technical illustration, supra$100item
405Technical illustration, intricate$120item
406Technical illustration, supra-intricate$150item
411Technical illustration, compound, simple$30unit
412Technical illustration, compound, regular$50unit
413Technical illustration, compound, complex$70unit
414Technical illustration, compound, supra$85unit
415Technical illustration, compound, intricate$105unit
421Technical illustration, revise, simple$30item
422Technical illustration, revise, regular$50item
423Technical illustration, revise, complex$70item
424Technical illustration, revise, supra$85item
425Technical illustration, revise, intricate$105item
431Graph, simple$70item
432Graph, regular$105item
433Graph, complex$175item
451Scaling set-up, simple$45job
452Scaling set-up, regular$90job
453Scaling set-up, compound$120job
454Typographic setup$90job
481Surcharge, illegible copy, TI/smpl$20item
482Surcharge, illegible copy, TI/reg$30item
483Surcharge, illegible copy, TI/cmplx$45item
485Surcharge, illegible copy, TI/intr$60item
491Surcharge, illegible copy, TI/cmpnd/smpl$15unit
492Surcharge, illegible copy, TI/cmpnd/reg$25unit
493Surcharge, illegible copy, TI/cmpnd/cmplx$35unit
495Surcharge, illegible copy, TI/cmpnd/intr$55unit

▲ Stationery, Business Forms and Cards

Stationery, Business Forms and Cards
ID# Service Name Rate Unit
521Business card, design$90job
522Business card, production$60item
535Form, design & production, 1 color$295job
536Form, design & production, 2 colors$350job
541Form production, size A, 1 color, no graphics$85page
542Form production, size B, 1 color, no graphics$115page
543Form production, size C, 1 color, no graphics$165page
546Form revision, size A, 1 color, no graphics$60page
547Form revision, size B, 1 color, no graphics$85page
548Form revision, size C, 1 color, no graphics$120page
561Letterhead, design & production$235job
567Envelope (matching), design & production$90item
568Envelope, design & production$175job
569Envelope, alt size, design & production$60job

▲ Newsletters, Pamphlets

Newsletters, Pamphlets
ID# Service Name Rate Unit
611Newsletter design, 1 color$585job
612Newsletter design, 2+ colors$700job
615Newsletter layout & typography, 1 color$60page
616Newsletter layout & typography, 2+ colors$70page
631Brochure design, 1 color$585job
632Brochure design, 2+ colors$700job
635Brochure layout & typography, 1 color$60page
636Brochure layout & typography, 2+ colors$70page
655Page layout & typography, 1 color$70page
656Page layout & typography, 2 colors$85page
657Page layout & typography, full color$120page

▲ Books, Monographs

Books, Monographs
ID# Service Name Rate Unit
715Typography, expert/pro fonts$.006char
721Book design: style, format, layouts, fonts$585job
723Monograph design: style, format, layouts, fonts$585job
727Booklet design: style, format, layouts, fonts$295job
731Table, simple$65item
732Table, regular$80item
733Table, complex$130item
734Table, intricate$175item
736Table extension$40unit
741Book cover, 1-color, design & production (ltd)$350job
742Book cover, 1-color, design & production$470job
743Book cover, 2-color, design & production (ltd)$410job
744Book cover, 2-color, design & production$585job
745Book cover, full color, design & production (ltd)$525job
746Book cover, full color, design & production$760job
747Booklet cover, 1-color, w/graphic, design & prodtn$175job
748Booklet cover, 2-color, w/graphic, design & prodtn$295job
749Booklet cover, full color, design & prodtn$410job
751Index compilation$80hour
752Index generation$2.75item
753Concordance compilation$80hour
755Index edit & prep$0.13entry
761PDF for “search inside”$100item
762Press files, cover+text, new edition$200job
763Digital reprint, convert, PDF archived text (multi)$12file
764Cover, digital, convert from archive$100file
765Cover, redesign digital, 1 color$100file
766Cover, redesign digital, 2 colors$125file
767Cover, redesign digital, full color$200file
771eBook, from printed edition$500ea
772eBook, advanced features$275ea
775eBook edits$200ea

▲ Websites

ID# Service Name Rate Unit
811Site design & construction (A)$95page
812Site design & construction (B)$120page
813Site design & construction (C)$150page
814Site design & construction (D)$175page
815Site/page design & construction (special)$40page
821Page/site revision (A)$95page
822Page/site revision (B)$120page
823Page/site revision (C)$150page
824Page/site revision (D)$175page
831Site mapping$80hour
851Site maintenance$80hour
853Site updates (routine)$80hour
854Site updates (non-routine)$80hour
855Post major PDF, optimize, crosslinks$20file
856Optimize file$15file
857Site upgrades$80hour
861HTML/CSS Coding (regular)$80hour
862HTML/CSS Coding (data/tables)$120hour
871Graphics preparation (for web)$80hour
872Scan, scale, compress web graphic$10item
873Scan, scale, adjust, compress web graphic$12item
875File translation/encoding (web)$30item
881Original web graphics$80hour
882Original web graphic, simple$35item
885Animated graphic (a)$120item
886Animated graphic (b)$175item
891Site design, construction (special)$1,200job

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