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Estimates, Rates, & Services

MetaGlyfix clientele is limited to:

A partial list of recent clients can be found in the MetaGlyfix Portfolio & Gallery.

▲ Terms

All terms are flexible. As a rule, MetaGlyfix bills as follows:

▲ Estimates and quotes

For inquiries about the feasibility of a specific project or service, including schedule and price, send an email to Design at MetaGlyfix. Explain the intended final form and purpose of your project (e.g., “map in professional journal,” “map for website,” “self-published monograph,” “500 copies of mailing flyer”) and describe the materials or data you have and what you want to convey in detail. Where appropriate, also send a sketch to MetaGlyfix (see contact addresses and numbers).

MetaGlyfix can then provide a firm quote on the project as described. The price will cover drafts, proofs, adjustments, and corrections necessary for MetaGlyfix to produce the job as agreed upon. An estimate does not cover new alterations later requested by the client. Client revisions are billed hourly unless otherwise agreed upon. Other alterations may be billed hourly or at customary item prices. Bear in mind that two conditions cause additional costs:

  1. The client makes changes to the project as described for the estimate.
  2. The client fails to follow MetaGlyfix guidelines in submitting copy or other material.

Cost of materials furnished the client, such as laser proofs, are usually not included in the initial estimate but are billed separately.

▲ Contracts

Written contracts are optional at the discretion of either party.

▲ Rights and licenses

Rights. MetaGlyfix retains all rights to its designs, code, illustrations, maps, and other renditions it creates. These do not infringe upon a client’s own copyrights to content or the use of already copyrighted materials. If a client wishes to purchase rights from MetaGlyfix, this can be negotiated.

Author’s License for electronic files for use in scholarly activities. For the cost of expenses or a nominal fee, MetaGlyfix can license the use of electronic files to an academic author for use in scholarly activities. For (brief) terms and typical fees, see Academic Licensing Agreement (available upon request).

Rationale: MetaGlyfix Policy regarding Rights

The works of MetaGlyfix are original tangible expressions by MetaGlyfix of the ideas, themes, and concepts of its clients. It is a collaboration. The individual and institutional clients belong to international academia; the creative works produced by MetaGlyfix support scholarship. In this (scholarly) environment, MetaGlyfix has never witnessed financial gain from its own rights as author of the tangible supporting work — whether as author-in-fact or author-in-law.

MetaGlyfix freely and liberally grants license to its clients to publish or otherwise use its commissioned works as intended in the agreement between the client and MetaGlyfix. Agreements and license may be formally drawn when requested, but are more often understood to consist of

Publication technologies and formats are varied and change over time. Therefore, to ensure that works created by MetaGlyfix are always published or reproduced at the best possible quality, clients are expected to notify MetaGlyfix when they want to use previously commissioned works for other than their initial purpose(s). Sometimes no change in the works’ formats are required; other times conversions to different formats are recommended, which MetaGlyfix can execute at a nominal charge.

MetaGlyfix does not normally accept “work for hire” agreements.

▲ Basis for pricing

Customary Rates are published for most services and their component services. These itemized rates and services are detailed and serve as baselines in calculating or estimating complex jobs.

Actual costs of any project depend on factors particular to the job, including efficiencies of large projects. In general, smaller jobs often reflect the total cost of their one or two components; larger jobs usually cost considerably less than the sum of their components.

Clients can always minimize costs (and production time) by following the tips and guidelines found on this site. As is life itself, prices are subject to change.

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