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INDEX of Current Examples

▲ Case Study #1: Maps

Client’s Problem: “I need three maps for a soon to be published book. I have copies of outline maps drawn by a friend, but I may need to make a few changes. My publisher may have certain requirements. I know they have to be published in black and white.”

For the step-by-step solution, click/tap on the pictures to see how sketches like these … :
… are turned into polished maps like these:


▲ Case Study #2: Newsletter/Magazine

Client’s Problem: An academic research institution wants to publish a new, semi-annual newsletter/magazine. The target audience would be public and private policy makers, the academic community, and current and potential donor foundations. The newsletter would be dense with text and contain serious articles about its research and other activities. A logo, masthead, and other visual identity elements are desired, and all aspects of design and layout are open to suggestion. It can be printed commercially, but budget constraints are a concern.

For the step-by-step solution, click/tap on the pictures below to see how a concept, and materials, such as these, … :
ISPS raw materials
… are turned into a 24-page newsletter/magazine that received compliments campus-wide, like this:
ISPS finished newsletter


▲ Case Study #3: Website, from Special Concept

Client’s Problem: An academic program at an Ivy League university will be holding a major three-day conference with international participants who will present and discuss papers. The organizers want a website that will 1) publicize the conference to the general public, 2) serve as a central communications board for the participants leading up to and during the event, and 3) allow the participants to read and exchange conference papers world-wide at a secure, password-protected internet site in advance of the conference. The budget is limited.

How the site came to be is to appear later. Meanwhile, viewers can explore the end result.

▲ Case Study #4: Technical Drawings

Client’s Problem: A scientist has a collection of technical illustrations — some of them sketches, some of them copies from computer-generated drawings, many of them previously published. They need to be updated and presented in a more uniform format suitable for new publication.

Solution to appear later on this site

▲ Case Study #5: Booklet

Client’s Problem: A small professional firm needs to organize instructions and other information for its clients in an attractive and but simple format. The job requires editorial and typographic services.

Solution to appear later on this site

▲ Case Study #6: Self-Published Writing

Client’s Problem: A retired professor wants to self-publish a portion of his memoirs to share with friends. It should look professional, yet be economical. Press run will be limited.

Solution to appear later on this site

▲ Case Study #7: Identity Campaign

(logo, stationery, forms, posters, flyers, brochures, mass media campaign, database development)

Client’s Problem: A new director wants to revive a long-dormant interdisciplinary academic program. He wants to sponsor a wide range of public events and also attract new student majors. The working budget will be very limited until the program gets off the ground. Starting from nothing — without a logo, without a database — the assignment is: “Establish an identity and project it!”

Solution to appear later on this site

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