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WHO, WHAT, & WHY: About MetaGlyfix


me·ta·glyf·ix also me·ta·glyph·ics \met-uh-'glif-iks\ [Gk, meta more comprehensive : transcending + Gk, glyph a symbolic figure or a character] n 1 : the visual representation of ideas, texts, or meanings by original or transcendent means 2 : the transformation of symbols from one form or medium to another — me·ta·glyf·ic \met-uh-'glif-ik\ adjme·ta·glyf·i·cal·ly \-i-k(uh)lee\ — adv


MetaGlyfix is a typography and design firm that specializes in intricate, precise, technical, or editorially complex projects destined for critical scrutiny or wide dissemination in print or electronic media. Its clients are individuals, institutions, and other organizations from the scholarly or academic worlds.

“Metaglyphics” was formally registered in Connecticut (USA) in 1993. The spelling — but not the meaning — of its name was updated in 1999 with the establishment of the Internet domain.


MetaGlyfix provides professional graphic services to a limited clientele in such areas as:


MetaGlyfix was born in technical illustration, and the principles of precision acquired thereby underpin an aesthetic distinguished by four qualities:

  1. craftsmanship
  2. intelligence
  3. integrity (integration of parts into the whole)
  4. stylishness

For a sampling of completed projects, see the Gallery. For an explanation of how MetaGlyfix solves typical (and actual) problems, see the section on Solutions: case studies, where step-by-step descriptions and “before” and “after“ pictures illustrate how, for instance, an author’s sketch is developed into a stylish, professional elucidation of his or her ideas.


Individual scholars. Our graphic designs help present, illustrate, and enhance the work of professional or student scholars — whether thesis or dissertation, journal article or printed book, personal/professional website or teaching materials.

Organizations and institutions. We work with academic and nonprofit institutions — schools, departments, alumni and ad hoc groups — to support and enhance their programs and their public identities. Institutional projects range from design and production of newsletters, flyers, and posters, to design and maintenance of websites (whether permanent or for special events), to comprehensive identity campaigns. The largest part of our work is in book design, production, and editorial services for small academic publishers.


The staff of MetaGlyfix has had long and intensive experience in academic settings. Scholarly objectives, academic schedules, editorial practices, literary and technical standards — all are well understood and adhered to at MetaGlyfix. For institutional clients, MetaGlyfix adds to this knowledge fields of expertise usually associated with separate specialized firms — design, technical problem-solving, research, advertising.

Above all, we respect the texts with which we work, and the supporting role of graphic arts in such contexts. MetaGlyfix commonly handles foreign and technical terms, non-Roman and non-western alphabets, highly detailed pieces, complex organizational problems, and one-of-a-kind projects.


The principal and sole proprietor of MetaGlyfix is H.G. Salome [brief c.v. and references].


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MetaGlyfix is based in northern New England in the USA (-5 hours GMT) and operates worldwide from its virtual storefront via the Internet.

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