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Intelligent graphic design for scholars can be manifest in many forms. Some are discrete pieces — a precision technical illustration, for example. Often discrete pieces are themselves part of a set that must be stylistically coherent — a set of maps for a published article, or a set of technical drawings for a textbook, for example. At their most intricate, intelligent graphic designs for scholars are themselves large, comprehensive works composed of complex, interrelated text and illustrative graphic components — books, monographs, and websites, for example. The links above lead to examples of the range of works that have been produced by MetaGlyfix.

(For step-by-step views of how clients’ sketches and ideas are transformed into finished works, see actual case studies at Intelligent Solutions.)


▲ typography

▲ book design and production

cover spread thumbnail: On The Sunny SideOn The Sunny Side: The Danbury Mad Hatter Chorus, 1966–2016. Wynn Gadkar-Wilcox. Published by Danbury, Connecticut, Mad Hatter Chorus (2017). [x + 125 pp.; 27 photographs, many full color] Design and production. [back and front covers]

cover spread thumbnail: Golf at YaleGolf at Yale: The Players, The Teams, The Course. John A. Godley and William W. Kelly. Published by Marvelwood Press, New Haven, Connecticut (2009). [xiv + 259 pp.; 154 illustrations, most full color] Design and production, including cover. [back and front covers | typical interior spread]

thumbnail cover spread: Japan and the WorldJapan and the World: Japan’s Contemporary Geopolitical Challenges; In Honor of the Memory and Intellectual Legacy of Asakawa Kan’ichi. Edited by Masaru Kohno and Frances Rosenbluth. Yale CEAS Occasional Publications, vol. 2. Published by Yale University Council on East Asian Studies (2008). [xvi + 294 pp.; 12 illustrations; 6 tables] Design and production, including original cover design. [back and front covers | spread containing isolated Japanese words in a Japanese font]

▲ Yale Southeast Asia Studies Monograph Series

. . . since 1994, design and production of the series of scholarly monographs published by the Yale University Council on Southeast Asia Studies. Beginning in August 2010 the SEAS monographs have been redesigned for on-demand digital printing. Readers will notice a more versatile typeface for the text chapters and full-color covers. In 2019, SEAS published its first Kindle version of a monograph, Living in a Sacred Cosmos, and expects to be releasing future volumes and some previously published volumes as Kindles.

Sacred Cosmos thumbnailNEW — Published July 2019: SEAS #67 — Cina Timor: Baba, Hakka, and Cantonese in the Making of East Timor, Douglas Kammen and Jonathan Chen. (2019).
[xviii + 242 pp. = 260 pp.; 4 maps; 35 illustrations, 12 tables]. Design, typography, and production by MetaGlyfix. [back and front covers]

Sacred Cosmos thumbnailPublished July 2018 (print) and March 2019 (Kindle): SEAS #66 — Living in a Sacred Cosmos: Indonesia and the Future of Islam, Bernard Adeney-Risakotta. (2018).
[xviii + 408 pp. = 426 pp.; 4 maps, 3 illustrations, 12 tables]. Design, typography, and production by MetaGlyfix. [back and front covers]
Converted by MetaGlyfix to EPUB 3-standard Kindle and published by SEAS on, with advanced features such as “Word Wise,” “Enhanced Typesetting,” “Page Flip,” and “Real Page Numbers” enabled.

Octobrists thumbnailPublished August 2016: SEAS #65 — The Rise of the Octobrists in Contemporary Thailand: Power and Conflict Among Former Left-Wing Student Activists in Thai Politics, Kanokrat Lertchoosakul. (2016).
[xx + 314 pp. = 334 pp.; 3 illustrations, 6 tables]. Design, typography, and production by MetaGlyfix. [back and front covers]

Gold thumbnailPublished April 2015: SEAS #64 — Gold in Southeast Asia, Ruth Barnes, Emma Natalya Stein, and Benjamin Diebold, editors. (2015).
[xviii + 290 pp. = 308 pp.; 130 illustrations (125 photographs, 3 tables, 2 maps)]. Design, typography, and production by MetaGlyfix. [back and front covers]

Barnes thumbnailPublished December 2013: SEAS #63 — Excursions into Eastern Indonesia: Essays on History and Social Life, R.H. Barnes. (2013).
[xiv + 398 pp. = 412 pp.; 49 illustrations (44 photographs, 5 line drawings, 3 tables); 8 maps]. Design, typography, and production by MetaGlyfix. [back and front covers]

Herriman thumbnailPublished October 2012: SEAS #62 — The Entangled State: Sorcery, State Control, and Violence in Indonesia, Nicholas Herriman. (2012).
[xviii + 174 pp. = 192 pp.; 2 illustrations; 1 table]. Design, typography, and production by MetaGlyfix. [back and front covers]

Published December 2011: SEAS #61 — Allegories of the Vietnamese Past: Unification and the Production of a Modern Historical Identity, Wynn Wilcox. (2011).
[x + 212 pp.; 8 illustrations]. Design, typography, and production by MetaGlyfix. This volume includes fonts and characters in Vietnamese. [back and front covers |  spread showing an illustration and Vietnamese text | spread showing Chinese and VIetnamese passages]

Published summer 2011: SEAS #60 — Anarchic Solidarity: Autonomy, Equality, and Fellowship in Southeast Asia, Thomas Gibson and Kenneth Sillander, editors. (2011). [x + 312 pp.; 3 tables, 3 maps, 5 illustrations]. Design, typography, illustrations, and production by MetaGlyfix. [back and front covers |  spread containing a map | spread containing two illustrations]

Published summer 2010: SEAS #59 — Renunciation and Power: The Quest for Sainthood in Contemporary Burma, Guillaume Rozenberg, translated from the French by Jessica Hackett. (2010). [xiv + 182 pp.; 1 map, 1 illustration] Design, typography, illustrations, and production by MetaGlyfix. [back and front covers | spread containing pasages of Burmese text in a Burmese font]

▲ Earlier SEAS volumes in print:

#58 Quimpo cover #57 Thien cover #56 Conklin cover

▲ newsletter or magazine design and production

▲ website design and construction

▲ technical illustrations (some samples)

▲ maps, for web and for high-resolution print publication

▲ >business forms

View full-size PDF versions of stationery to see the typographic detail:

▲ posters, flyers, logo design; identity projects

Thematically related designs and templates for the Tropical Resources Institute (Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies):

▲ assorted digital graphics in support of any of the above

A vector drawing for a published scholarly monograph. It came about because of a common circumstance, where an author had a drawing used in the past, AND:

While the original drawing could have been digitally touched up, by far the better and least expensive solution was to make a new vector drawing. This drawing incorporates technical illustration with typography; custom glyphs are incorporated in the font.

Four sample original graphics (of many) to illustrate a corporate report

▲ index compilations, concordances

Generation of a concordance (as an index) from word and phrase lists supplied by the author or from proper names compiled by MetaGlyfix for the Yale University Southeast Asia Studies monograph series (see above) volumes #42 (Francis T. Seow), #46 (Robert L. Winzler), #47 (Ann Maxwell Hill), 48 (Gene Ammarell), and #49 (Maung Maung).

(Note: Incorporating a concordance by MetaGlyfix can be an economical way for a scholar or publisher to add a useful index to a publication. It can be produced more quickly than one created conventionally by a professional indexer. The concordance usually requires only a minimal amount of editing by the author or editor before it is ready to be typeset.)

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