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Excerpt from a review of SEAS Monograph #48, Bugis Navigation, by Gene Ammarell (1999) [xiv + 300 pp; 8 maps, including 4 oversized maps in separate pocket; 23 original illustrations; 15 tables of data; appendix; bibliography of references; index], with design, typography, tables, figures, and maps by MetaGlyfix:

“The figures, tables, and maps of the book are superbly done and merit mention here. A line-drawing of the Bugis star compass, for example, which combines the measurements of the Bugis wind compass, international designations of stellar azimuths, and directions associated by the Bugis with their navigational stars, is simply beautiful, while also being explicitly comparative. … Maps and charts adorn the text, and several larger-scale versions of the references are included in an envelope at the end of the book. The painstaking detail of these plates, figures, and tables is emplematic of the work as a whole. …”

Eric Tagliacozzo
Indonesia 70 (October 2000)

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