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Back and front covers, with spine, of recent books designed and produced by MetaGlyfix, displayed at 50% scale. Actual dimensions of each volume is 6" (width) by 9" (height); spine widths vary.

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cover spread, On The Sunny Side

from: On The Sunny Side: The Danbury Mad Hatter Chorus, 1966-2016. John A. Godley and William W. Kelly. Wynn Gadkar-Wilcox. Published by Danbury, Connecticut, Mad Hatter Chorus (2017). [x + 125 pp.; 27 photographs, many full color]
Front cover from author’s design and scan of newspaper clipping.

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cover spread, Golf at Yale

from: Golf at Yale: The Players, The Teams, The Course. John A. Godley and William W. Kelly. Published by Marvelwood Press, New Haven, Connecticut (2009). [xiv + 259 pp.; 154 illustrations, most full color]

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cover spread, Japan and the World

from: Japan and the World: Japan’s Contemporary Geopolitical Challenges; In Honor of the Memory and Intellectual Legacy of Asakawa Kan’ichi. Edited by Masaru Kohno and Frances Rosenbluth. Yale CEAS Occasional Publications, vol. 2. Published by Yale University Council on East Asian Studies (2008). [xvi + 294 pp.; 12 illustrations; 6 tables]
text above includes Japanese characters in a Japanese font

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