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Pig Out — Hogs and Humans in Global and Historical Context

Website and a new domain ( for an international conference on the Pig, held at Yale University in the fall of 2015. It is (of course) built to the latest web standards (CSS3 and HTML5) and responsive to mobile and desktop devices.

Independent Journal of Burmese Scholarship

Website of the Independent Journal of Burmese Scholarship, a new, open access, digital journal of humanities (history and literary criticism) and social sciences created by Burmese scholars, in Burma and abroad, only after the recent opening of Myanmar/Burma. The website is published in English and Burmese (in Burmese script) and will eventually be handed over to Journal staff based in Burma.

Food Sovereignty: A Critical Dialogue

Website for an international conference held at Yale University in September 2013. The website was the central organizing medium leading up to the conference, the source for all reading materials, including PDFs of eighty-two conference papers, and media headquarters for the 150 or so participants and organizers.

Yale University Program in Agrarian Studies (1998–2013)

The authorized website for the cross-disciplinary, international program in Agrarian Studies at Yale University. (See also, for an older proposed cosmetic makeover.) The site has since been transferred to the institution for internal maintenance.

Professor Jacob S. Hacker (personal/professional site, 2008)

Personal website quickly constructed during the 2008 election season in the US for the Stanley Resor Professor of Political Science and Resident Fellow, Institution for Social and Policy Studies, at Yale University. Professor Hacker was author of the health care plan that was the basis of early exploration of health care reform during the election and eventually morphed into ObamaCare. The site has since been transferred to the institution for internal maintenance.

Dr. Amity Doolittle (personal/professional site — now archived)

Personal/professional website for the Lecturer and Research Scientist at the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies at Yale University. No longer an active site.

The Chicken

The sitelet (for public viewing) for an international conference on “The Chicken: Its Biological, Social, Cultural, and Industrial History from Neolithic Middens to McNuggets” held at Yale University in May 2002.

Agrarian Studies 2000 Conference

A sitelet with information for the general public, plus a private, password-protected section for conference participants only where conference materials and papers could be read and downloaded.

TRI (Yale Tropical Resources Institute)

Redesign and reconstruction of the authorized website of TRI at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. Work included reorganizing material, updating links, and reworking the “look” and the graphics without altering the TRI themes and colors. The site has since been transferred to the institution for internal maintenance.

The Las Cruces High School Band Reunion

New Address:

Constructed for the 1998 reunion of the LCHS band in honor of band director Gregg Randall.

sui generis

“One of a kind,” but now quite defunct (deo gratias).

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