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Papers for websites

How to submit papers that will be made available on a website

Participants in conferences or lecture series may sometimes have their papers made available on a website for fellow participants and attendees.1 Any of several formats can be used to post such papers online, but the current all-around favorite is PDF. PDF files can be readily viewed on any computer operating system within a web browser or a free application such as Apple’s Preview or Adobe Reader. A PDF retains the appearance of the original document (pagination, fonts, tables, graphics, etc.) and can be thought of as an electronic printout.

Paper authors would be asked to submit their papers as digital files. Below, listed in descending order of preference, are the preferred formats for submitting such papers that will be presented as PDFs:

  1. PDF [Portable Document Format] — converted to PDF by author: only option if non-western or other special fonts are used; best option if preserving layout, page breaks, and appearance are important; all fonts should be embedded, if possible
  2. Rich Text Format (RTF) — most word processing applications have the option of saving as RTF; MetaGlyfix will convert the RTF file to PDF format
  3. A word-processing document — MetaGlyfix will convert the file to PDF format: tables and embedded graphics are usually preserved, but pagination, layout, and some fonts may differ from author’s

A non-PDF option

In some cases an author may have a plain text file (text only, minimal or no formatting, no embedded illustrations). MetaGlyfix can easily convert such a file to PDF format. Alternatively, MetaGlyfix could present the text file as is (that is, as text) or as an html web page. All three options are accessible to any operating system (OS), but an advantage to the last two is ease of reading on the small screens of mobile devices. Illustrations such as tables and images would need to be displayed separately.

1 A recent example: workshop readings for the Independent Journal of Burmese Scholarship.

Last updated 27 July 2019 (Saturday) at 03:45:49 UTC