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PROBLEM as seen by Client:

“We are an academic research institution and want to publish a new, semi-annual newsletter/magazine. Our target audience will be public and private policy makers, the academic community, and current and potential donor foundations. The newsletter would be dense with text and contain serious articles about our research and other activities. We need a logo, masthead, and other visual identity elements, and are open to suggestion regarding all aspects of design and layout. We can print it commercially, but our budget is limited.

“Our editor will submit computer files and hard-copy printouts of the articles, ready for typeseting, as well as photographs to accompany some of them” [as below:]

newsletter materials (before)

[For a sneak preview, hold your mouse over one of the floppy disks in the picture above]

Read on for the MetaGlyfix analysis and solution:

STEP 2 — Analysis

STEP 3 — Masthead, color, structure, prototype

STEP 4 — Illustrations: Photographs and original graphics

STEP 5 — Typography: Designing with text

STEP 6 — Putting it all together: Theme and variations

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Home --> Solutions --> Newsletter back Back  Next next  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
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