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H.G. Salome: brief curriculum vitae, references


Grew up in southern New Mexico (USA)

B.Mus, New Mexico State University

M.Phil, History of Music, Yale University

1970s–90s — part-time staff member at Yale; advocated and instituted administrative reforms

Late 1980s and early 1990s — —instituted numerous successful innovations and “firsts” in the application of computer technologies to departmental administrative systems at Yale University, e.g.:

1980s–1993 — Freelance digital designer, typographer, and technical illustrator

1993 — founded MetaGlyfix (then “Metaglyphics”) in Hamden, Connecticut

▲ Ancillary skills and experience

Among useful skills and experiences are:


James C. Scott, Sterling Professor, Political Science/Anthropology; Director, Program in Agrarian Studies; Former Chair, Council on Southeast Asia Studies (all at Yale University)

Michael R. Dove, Margaret K. Musser Professor of Social Ecology; Professor of Anthropology, Curator of Anthropology Peabody Museum; Co-Coordinator, Joint F&ES/Anthropology Doctoral Program (all at Yale University)

Kris Mooseker, Program Manager, Council on Southeast Asia Studies, Yale University

Marvel Kay Mansfield, Coordinator (ret.), Program in Agrarian Studies, Yale University

For additional references, see any author or client cited with works listed in the Gallery


… send email either to personal [permanent Yale alumni] address or to business [MetaGlyfix] address.

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