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Entrance to Project Work Sites

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A Work Site for Client Projects in Progress

  • Online proofs
    • Maps
    • Illustrations
    • Book covers
    • Forms
  • Bulletin board
    • Schedules
    • Messages
    • Layouts
    • Site maps
  • File exchange
    • Word lists
    • Index components
    • Content copy
In the Virtual Studio, clients of MetaGlyfix can follow the progress of their jobs online, and examine and download elements of their projects in preliminary stages of production.

Materials in the “studio” may change frequently and abruptly.

Please note: Materials are often posted in rough form. Clients may need to use their browsers’ navigation commands to return to this page or to the MetaGlyfix home page.

Projects currently online at the Virtual Studio . . .
The fine print . . .

Screen display of colors depends on many factors and varies from monitor to monitor. For projects destined for print, colors that you see on your screen are only an approximation. The samples on this site can give the client a useful impression of the effect of a book cover, illustration, duotone, or the like, but the client should compare the color on his or her screen to actual printed samples.

About Copyrights

Material at the Virtual Studio represents work in progress. All design work is the property of MetaGlyfix. Content may be the property of individual clients. No work may be reproduced in any form, in part or in whole, without express permission of MetaGlyfix (email and, when applicable, the client.

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