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ILLUSTRATIONS: Photographs and Original Graphics


Several of the articles will be illustrated by photographs supplied by the client. MetaGlyfix must examine and prepare client photographs early in the design stage. Photos are measured, cleaned, scanned, resized, and adjusted for contrast and sharpness. They are also tentatively cropped at this time for use in drafts and early proofs. Their eventual size and cropping will not be determined until the final step of production, when all elements are put in place.


Original Graphics

Meanwhile, MetaGlyfix designs custom graphic elements for the newsletter’s recurring sections and for some of the one-time articles …

For a recurring section called “Briefs,” MetaGlyfix creats a miniature masthead that picks up motifs from the front-page logotype …

Briefs logo

(above: miniature “masthead” at full scale.
below: article divider at full scale.
Click on either graphic to skip to the final step and view how these elements look in the finished newsletter [at reduced scale].)

… plus compatible column-width dividers to separate the relative short articles in the feature …
Briefs divider

For a recurring section titled “Viewpoints,” MetaGlyfix creates a 3-dimensional compass in the newsletter’s colors. The section’s title circles the compass face on the outside. The points of the compass are the client institution’s acronym, I - S - P - S (displayed at full scale) …

(Click here for the dramatic look of this compass as it appears at full size in a 2-page spread in PDF format [592K].)
ISPS compass
(above: ISPS compass. at full scale.
Click on the graphic to skip to the final step and view how these elements look in the finished newsletter [at reduced scale].)

A “Letters to the Editor” section has its own custom logo, shown here as laid out and printed on a screened blue background in the newsletter (displayed at 2/3 scale) …
Letters fragment

Other illustrations are created or adapted anew for individual articles, such as this faint city skyline behind an article on “The City Room …”
City Room page
(above: one-page article, at 25% scale.
Click on the graphic to see this page at full size in PDF format [124K])
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