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The client’s institution does not have a logo, so MetaGlyfix creates a masthead-logotype combination in two colors (i.e., black and a spot color selected by the client). The logotype is designed of graphic motifs that will appear thematiclly elsewhere in the new publication, as will be seen in subsequent steps.

(above: masthead/logotype, 67% scale)

MetaGlyfix next constructs an underlying three-column layout for the articles and selects a somewhat formal serif typeface, Caslon. Column width, font size, and line spacing are balanced to allow a maximum amount of text in attractive, readable pages. A modern looking sans-serif font, Formata, will provide contrast in headings, lists, sidebars, page numbers, and the like.

(above: structure of typical page, 67% scale)

This “grid” and the consistent typeface for text will help unify the publication, but some special sections or features (front and back covers, lists, etc.) will need to vary from it. Content and function are always first considerations.

MetaGlyfix lays out a prototype front page using the new masthead/logotype, a narrow table of contents, a wider two-column lead story, and the beginning of a second featured story. A prototype back page is divided into three rectangles: a copyright section, a recurring list of the institution’s affiliates, and an unambiguous area for mailing information. Within each of these sections of the covers, column width, font, and spacing must be balanced for legibility and function. The spot color, sometimes screened (that is, in lighter shades) as a background, helps distinguish these functional sections, which will remain similar from issue to issue.

(above: prototype front and back covers, 25% scale)

After the client approves the blue spot color and the prototype designs, the last decision before proceeding is choosing a commercial printer. MetaGlyfix assists the client in obtaining bids, and thereafter consults with the selected firm to make sure that the design is feasible within budget and schedule.

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