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ANALYSIS by MetaGlyfix:

  1. The newsletter/magazine should have a conservative look to correspond to the serious tone of the articles and the intended readership.
  2. All aspects of visual interest — color, logos, visual motifs, typography — will be original, but must be employed to enhance — not distract from — the articles and information
  3. Number of pages will be limited to 24, to facilitate mailing and keep costs down.
  4. High ratio of text to available page space implies:
    1. Fairly small typeface will be necessary to fit in all the articles and the photographs.
    2. Little layout space left as white space or for graphics on each page.
    3. Means of creating visual interest will be limited and constrained.
    4. Distinguishing one section or article from another will be challenging.
  5. The client should select a commercial printer early on so that MetaGlyfix can ensure that all the client’s desires can be printed and distributed on schedule and within budget.

[Above: what the client’s concept looks like before the MetaGlyfix solution.]

SOLUTION by MetaGlyfix

STEP 3 — Masthead, color, structure, prototype

STEP 4 — Illustrations: Photographs and original graphics

STEP 5 — Typography: Designing with text

STEP 6 — Putting it all together: Theme and variations

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Home --> Solutions --> Newsletter back Back   Next next  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
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