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Academic Licensing Agreement
for Electronic Copies of MetaGlyfix Illustrations
(Author’s License)

License terms

Subject to payment of any applicable fees, as listed below, MetaGlyfix licenses the use of electronic copies (“files”) of specified works to the licensee for scholarly activities such as courses, lectures, conferences, and other academic presentations and events, and in websites related to these activities. Licensee must seek and receive permission from MetaGlyfix for each work or set of works. The license is not transferable and does not permit publication in print or on other websites without further permission of MetaGlyfix.

to top Fees (in US$), according to type of file:

1. Screen resolution
[small, compressed files; good for screen viewing and presentations, pasting into word processing and other applications, low resolution printing]
$10 per file
Format: JPEG, GIF, or PNG (e.g.) (client may specify preference)
2. Rasterized high resolution (printable)
[medium to large files, often compressed; suitable for high quality printing; may be easily down-sampled to screen resolution]
$15 per file for most simple repurposing
(up to $50 per file for complex repurposing)
Format: TIFF, PDF, JPEG (compressed); Photoshop, EPS (uncompressed) (specify format or restrictions; for TIFF, also specify Mac or Windows)
3. Vector (printable, scalable, and editable)
[medium to large files; may be edited in illustration application such as Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand; high quality on screen or in print at any scale or resolution]
$35 per file
Format: EPS or PDF (specify preference)

to top Additional charges for transmission or media (in US$)

via email $0
download from $0
other ftp (e.g., $0 or the amount charged by the ftp service
Physical media  
cd-rom $10 per disk, plus cost of shipping or postage
dvd $10 per disk, plus cost of shipping or postage


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